When I hand somebody a dog for keeps…

I don’t know about you but I get offended when I hand somebody a dog for keeps and they asked me if I want his collar or crate back, Call me crazy but how pathetic is it when a breeder sells or trades an adult dog or even a puppy and takes his collar off or ask’s for the crate back 😂 I mean how low and cheap is the dog world getting I even hear stories of newer breeders selling a dog for $30,000 then charging the buyer triple the amount of a normal transport price 😂 i’m wonder if that one will come wearing a dog collar too 😂 it’s a sad thing but Jesus you can definitely tell the difference between businessman and dog men these days, It’s great for a dog man to have Business sense but it’s horrible for the dog world when a businessman has not dog  sense . What’s your take?


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