This sleeping beauty turned one year old the other day….

And you’ll see much more of Ranger in 2019. I know people ask to see more of my dogs online, but sometimes I’m busy living a normal life outside of social media. I know many people don’t know this, but it’s normal to spend time with your kids and pets without a camera 😂. Visitors are always welcome on Sundays, and in 2019 I plan to give much more info on my posts and explain myself more on how or why I do certain things with my dogs. It’s not to get more likes or views, it’s simply because we owe it to our followers that ask questions. Of course I can change my mind and not do any of this 😂.

To the people that are going to see this video and complain that Ranger is in a small kennel….it’s actually not his kennel. His kennel is actually much bigger than the room that your mom lets you live in. This cage is what I’ve been using in the place of dog crates. I’m trying to eliminate dog crates all together at the Den except for dog shows, and we only go to dog shows so your girlfriend can pet Shaggy the snake.

The best things about me are also the worst things about me so pick a side and forever hold your peace

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