Pit Bull – Female – Holly Holly is pure old family red nose blood  she is sister to Ronda and Lincoln DNA tested hundred percent pitbull terrier registered with the A.D.B.A    


Pit Bull – male – Rudy  Rudy of Devil’s Den Rudy is Pure Old Family Red Nose, very driven  while being very people friendly. Rudy is a true representative to the OFRN blood of the…


Pit Bull – Female – Sicily  Sicily of Devil’s Den Sicily like her sister Ducthess comes from Our favorite breeding. Daughter of King Koda. blood line is OFRN on Top and Mayday on Bottom. Sicily…


Pit Bull – Female – Dutchess  Dutchess of Devil’s Den finest pit bulls first out cross breeding’s and if you ask me its one of the best litters Mike ever had to date. Old Family…


PIT Bull – Female – Mayflower  Mayflower May Flower full sister to Rudy old family red nose at its best MAYFLOWER DEVILSDEN OWNER:  DEVILSDEN KENNELS SEX:   FEMALE COLOR:  BUCKSKIN CHAINWEIGHT:   50 BIRTHDATE:  2019-07-01 ENTERED BY:  DevilsDen POSTED:  2020-03-09 LAST MODIFIED:  2020-03-09…


  Pit Bull – Female – Kryptonite Crakk’s Kryptonite Kryptonite comes to us by way of Crakk Kennels. To have the ultimate breeding program, you need to also do out cross breedings (outside your yard).…


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