Running the American Bully Pit Bull Dogs on the slat Mill

People have a common misconception about the slat mill like it’s a form of animal cruelty  to put your dog on one, but in fact it’s the exact opposite. A slat mill when level with the ground  is controlled totally by “dog power” no motor and it is the best tool to exercise a dog because the dog chooses his own speed as you can see with the puppy on the left  she can run or walk she can  stop and slow down when ever she wants. The puppy on the right is going faster than I would like her to go at this age but you can see how she is  in control and enjoying it ,   I know a lot of great and respected dog people that will not post certain things because of the uneducated negative comments they would get , I’m not one of those ppl

I have 14 acres and I do exercise the dogs outside they run around all day long in a dog park we made for them and they are in 5 x 20‘ kennels when resting, that’s bigger than your mothers basement,  The mill is great and most useful for exercising multiple dogs indoors hitting different muscle groups then you would outdoors also protecting them from bad weather like rain, snow and of course extreme heat.

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