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Welcome to the Devils Den American Pit Bull Terrier breeding program.

 In our program we have carefully hand selected every APBT dog you see here out of hundreds of dogs. We spent countless years, and spared no expense while doing it. We choose our pit bull breeding stock by their temperaments over their blood lines. Our goal is to produce an American Pit Bull terrier that is slightly larger than the ADBA standard who still can compete in dog sports like the wall climb, weight pull, and other agility sports.  We only breed to produce Pit Bulls who are extremely driven, with sound temperament and are also extremely people friendly with a willingness to please. Some of our dogs and productions like the majority of APBT’s do show lots of animal dominance. We do not recommend our dogs for inexperienced dog owners. Don’t expect to see two of them drinking out of the same water bowl or getting along with the neighbors cats. When it comes to our APBT and dealing with humans, they are a very loyal, loving, competitive, and great family dog that requires lots of hands on training, love,
time and care. However it is a bigger responsibility to own one over owning an average dog when it comes to socializing with other animals. There can be no mistakes and absolutely none of our dogs will ever be bought or used with illegal intentions.

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PitBull – Female – Daisy Devils Dens Daisy is one of our keepers off Rudy bred to Ronda
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PitBull – Female – Ginger Devils Dens Ginger is our second keeper from the Rudy and Ronda match up
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PitBull – Male – Flash DMD’s Flash is still a pup. He is one of our most promising Future APBT studs  
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Pit Bull – Male – Lincoln Devils Dens Lincoln Lincoln is one of our old family red nose bloodline American pit Bull terrier studs.
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Pit Bull – Female – Rhonda honda is a ball of fire sister to Holly and Lincoln of the Den pure old family red nose nose at its best  
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Pit Bull – Female – Holly Holly is pure old family red nose blood  she is sister to Ronda and Lincoln DNA tested hundred percent pitbull terrier registered with the A.D.B.A    
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Pit Bull – male – Rudy  Rudy of Devil’s Den Rudy is Pure Old Family Red Nose, very driven  while being very people friendly. Rudy is a true representative to the OFRN blood of the…
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Pit Bull – Female – Sicily  Sicily of Devil’s Den Sicily like her sister Ducthess comes from Our favorite breeding. Daughter of King Koda. blood line is OFRN on Top and Mayday on Bottom. Sicily…
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Pit Bull – Female – Dutchess  Dutchess of Devil’s Den finest pit bulls first out cross breeding’s and if you ask me its one of the best litters Mike ever had to date. Old Family…
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PIT Bull – Female – Mayflower  Mayflower May Flower full sister to Rudy old family red nose at its best MAYFLOWER DEVILSDEN OWNER:  DEVILSDEN KENNELS SEX:   FEMALE COLOR:  BUCKSKIN CHAINWEIGHT:   50 BIRTHDATE:  2019-07-01 ENTERED BY:  DevilsDen POSTED:  2020-03-09 LAST MODIFIED:  2020-03-09…
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  Pit Bull – Female – Kryptonite Crakk’s Kryptonite Kryptonite comes to us by way of Crakk Kennels. To have the ultimate breeding program, you need to also do out cross breedings (outside your yard).…
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Pit Bull – Female – Sage DmD’s Sage of Devilsden Delmanto’s SAGE of devils den, sage come from Brazil home of delmantos dogs pitbulls working sport kennel. She is RBJ and OFRN, sage is in…
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