Pit Bull – Female – Kryptonite

Crakk’s Kryptonite

Kryptonite comes to us by way of Crakk Kennels. To have the ultimate breeding program, you need to also do out cross breedings (outside your yard). Anyone that claims they do it all on their own is either lying to you or boxing themselves into a corner. We often search the globe for the best people and dogs to work with for the Devils Den breeding stock (breeding program) and there is no one better then Crakk Kennels for pure pit-bully style with high drive. We love Crakk Kennels dogs so much we incorporated them into both our American Pitbull Terrier breeding program as well as our American Bully program. We are honored and humbled to have Greg from Crakk Kennels support in our programs. One of the best decisions Devilsden has ever made was to acquire new blood into our breeding program through Crakk Kennels. Crakk’s Kryptonite is pure fire, double bred King Murdock.