If you want a real American Bully….

There simply are not too many places you can go anymore. I’m talking about if you want that real Bully that started development in the years 1999/2000/ 2001- that dog that inspires you…that dog that’s so confident it inspires you to have your own confidence in love and in life…the dog that brings people together…the type of dog that absolutely loves everyone that’s good to him and has absolutely no patience for anyone that isn’t…the first true Bully that had the heart of the true American Pitbull Terrier and the heavy bone of an American Bulldog…. THAT is what Devilsden’s breeding program is about.  Now you go out and buy your Bully from whomever you want, but just know this- Those dogs were only originally meant to sit on the couch or in a crate when overworked and tired. For the last few years we’ve been taking our breeding program back to its roots. You may not see it yet, but within the next few you will.  We have been working with a purpose in mind, now I’m not saying we’re the only ones doing it, but we are definitely one of the few and we are one of the even fewer that had it and understood it before it even started.  And that is why, when you’re alone in the dark and feeling defeated, she will whisper in your ear….. “realbully.com“.

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