I want to get a puppy because I want to raise him/her correctly. Isn’t it “all in how you raise them”?

“It’s all in how you raise them” is the biggest misconception out there. It is far from the truth and can be a damaging phrase to use. With any breed, the temperament of a young puppy will change some as they age and mature. Their temperament and personality is not yet stable or developed. Many people feel that “raising a puppy the right way” is the only way to ensure you have a solid, stable dog. However, although environment and training do play a role in a dog’s temperament, so does nature. Adult dogs have developed temperaments which can be accurately evaluated. Since puppies will go through changes as they pass through maturity (with pit bulls, this generally occurs between ages 1 and 3), it is impossible to accurately evaluate their temperaments. We always encourage families with children and other animals to consider adult dogs over puppies for these reasons.