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Updated: 5/15/2020

Breeder's of American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers.


We are home to one of the longest standing breeding facilities of American Bullies and American pit Bull Terrier’s and we are still going strong. With several Locations, Devils Den Bullies brings you only the finest strains of the American Bullies and American Pit Bulls. Our dogs are raised as family members first. We are breeders that breed for temperament, structure and working ability with extra Muscle mass. All our breeding stock are temperament tested then trained in Obedience , advanced Obedience, show training and some do Bite work as well as weight pulling. We hope y’all enjoy our web site in its entirety and follow us on our other social media.

Top Breeders of American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers

With 30 years of experience Devil’s Den Kennels has American Bullies and American Pit bull Terriers available occasionally, contact us for your chance to own an American Bully puppy from one of American’s longest standing dog kennel’s. Devil’s den Kennels is one of the breeders that started the American Bully using the earlier dogs of the Razors Edge Bloodline . All devils den American bullies are true representatives of the American Bully Kennel club standard. At devils Den We breed for the classic, standard and XL classes of the true American Bully breed founded in 2004. All Devil’s den American bully dog’s are registered with the American Bully Kennel Club and all American bully puppies come with A.B.K.C. Registration papers stating that it is a Pure bred American Bully. Devils Den is also breeders of the true Game bred American pit bull terrier. Bloodlines are OFRN / Redboy / Jocko and are registered with the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) Our Pit Bulls are not typically available to the Public

Our Dogs

These are some of the American Bully studs we have at Devils Den Bullies, by looking at this you should now have a better idea of the type of bully we are breeding for. Keep in mind these are American bully studs ( also called the bully Pit ) and not American Pit Bull Terriers. This is the Original Bully look that started in 2000. Now Known as the Classic American Bully

Devils den kennels / breeders was founded in 1989 and was originally called Iron den kennels then in 2002 we built our first web site and went online under the name devils den Pit bulls. In 2006 we started using both names devils den bullies as well as devils den pit bulls The first Devils den website was so successful it help propel the dog game onto a higher level. started in Brooklyn , Staten Island New York City , and now also located in Poconos Pennsylvania , Texas and Arizona. Devils Den bully dogs have been sold worldwide. Devils den started breeding these dogs as pit bulls before the name American Bully was used and new Breed standard was issued by the American Bully Kennel Club. Devils den Bullies Foundation stock is of the true American bully Type making them true representatives of the breed. Devils den has produced some of the best American Bullies in the world and has sold dogs and puppies to people all over the world from Hawaii, Virgin Islands , Europe, Asia and every state in the United states of America. Specializing in thick Bone big heads strong rears, good temperament for working and show abilities all while maintaining a very healthy dog. Some of devils den Bullies puppies are grand champions in the American bully kennel club show ring. Devils den bullies participates in shows from the west coast to the east coast Our bloodline is Razors edge our devils den bullies are all registered with the American Bully kennel club as American Bullies the ABKC and also Registered with the United Kennel club as American pit Bull terriers the UKC. Judges love devils den dogs when at shows all over the USA Devils den bullies devils den pit bulls have been featured in many American Bully pit bull books and magazines, such as Atomic dog Devils Den Kennels leads the fight against BSL. our breeding program is aimed at producing show dogs, family dogs service dogs , working dogs, therapy dogs healthy dogs and puppies. Our American bully working k9s are socialized around each other puppies adults kids and as well as other dogs and people out side the yard , devils den bullies has American Bullies with high drive and full of love. Devils Den puppies are usually sold out very fast even before birth sometimes.call us you may be put on the list to own one. Devils Den Bullies wants to make sure every one of our pups are sold to a forever home. A lot of people refer to the American Bully as pitbulls or American PitBull terriers classic Pit Bulls APBT have much less muscle mass girth then the True American Bully. The Pit Bull type breed is more common then the American Bullies breed some times a puppy with a Pedigree stating the dog as a Pit Bull will make the puppy cost much less then if the pup had American Bully paper work. devils den has a Professional dog trainer / handler as part of the team. Devils Den Bullies has been training and showing dogs for over 30 years now we still have love for every bully breed. American Pit bull terriers, olde English Bulldogs shorty bulls, pocket American Bullies standard American Bullies Classic American Bullies extreme American Bullies Exotic Bullies bullies most kennels who breed American Bullies started out with pit bulls as breeders of the American Bully we often criticized over the look of our dog. We strive to make sure that our dogs are very well mannered and healthy. we also bring our dogs and puppies to unrelated dog events. devils den wants people to understand that the look or size of our American Bullies is just an image after 30 years of kenneling and breeding dogs never have we injured a dog or puppy ever at devils den kennels we take pride in producing the perfect American Bully. our dogs are our life long pride and passion. devils den Bullies spears no expense when it comes to our facilities for our American Bully k9’s. We keep them warm in winter cold in summer and well fed and loved all year long. All devils den dogs gets daily exercise although they love just laying around they much rather be playing and fetching , weight pulling, jumping and just being outside. devils den bullies puppies for sale bloodline is Razors edge. Devils den bullies American Bullies puppies for sale puppy for sale comes in red nose blue puppy tri colored American Bully puppies Champagne color fawn pups blood line is Razors edge and some Gotti line. all our dogs are smart pets and we do not raise dogs for fighting or dog fighting or dog rolling or attack dog aggressive devils den bullies are Animal lovers. pit bull you tube breeding funny pit cute pit bull dog runs dog kennels dog park pet smart we breed for standard bullies we breed for xl bullies we breed for pocket bullies we breed for high standards ..

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