Every Devils Den puppy comes with a microchip.

Upon bringing your new Devils Den puppy home you will immediately start growing hair on your chest and your bank account will start to increase. You will immediately start walking straighter and being more attractive to the opposite sex. When your puppy hits a year old, his microchip will be activated and he will take a chomp out of your leg every time you are caught being a wussy. He will allow you to drink Guinness and do cocaine. But He will be checking on you often to make sure your getting up early going to the gym, shooting guns, being productive, and at any given time your Devils Den dog will bite you for things like shaving too often or asking your girlfriend for her password and things like wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit you to the gym or taking pictures with your money or holding up gang signs. and god forbid your dog catches you playing video games or using condoms he will absolutely bite your F en balls off…. if he can find them .


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