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Yes, we’re still here and will be until we’re dead and buried. Devils den Has been online since 2001 and has been breeding , raising and kenneling American pit Bulls and American Bullies since 1989 offline under the name Iron Den kennels. It all started back in 1986, Mike Gallo a 14 year old kid from brooklyn new york City traded his skateboard for his first Game bred American Pit bull terrier (APBT) Named “Blue Thunder”, Upon bringing Thunder home ” get that devils Dog outta here ” were the first words out of His mothers mouth, needless to say Mike won that argument and Blue Thunder stayed. Mike ended up with his first litter of his very own pit Bull puppies before the age of 15. Years later while working at a local gym, The Iron den and later Remembering his mothers Criticism, Devils Den pit Bulls / Devils Den Bullies was born.

Over the Years , Devils Den Bullies has grown to become a world famous Dog kennel. with dogs sold all over the world from New York to Hong kong. Raising the highest quality American bullies / Pit Bulls with over 30 years experience.

The Dogs Of devils Den Bullies / Pit bulls are on there 10th and 11th Generations and they are not just kennel dogs, each dog at Devils Den bullies is raised as part of the Family. Their Names live on as legends in the Dog world. Lots of American Bullies and American Pit bull Terriers you see today at dogs shows and dog expos can be traced back to Devils Den blood. Devil’s Den foundation bloodline for our American Bullies  is Razors Edge.  Devils Den foundation Bloodline for our American Pit bull Terriers is Old Family Red Nose.  Any puppy from Devil’s Den is considered to be of the highest quality standards of the original bloodline’s . Devil’s Den believes that properly breeding the American Bully breed will consistently reproduce the ultimate family companion. As firm believers in Responsible dog ownership, This Kennel its Clients and Friends DO NOT SELL DOGS FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE. Specializing in the American Bully and its evolution from the American Pit Bull. All Devils Den American Bully dogs on this site as well as Devils den offspring around the world, are Registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) .  Devils Den  American Pit bull terriers are Registered with the ADBA.

Devils Den Bully / pit Bulls was here long before the birth of the American Bully in the early 2000s and now Devil’s Den continues to reproduce the bully breed in the manner of which the American Bully was started and ment to be, all the while still respecting the breeds American pit Bull Ancestry and we will never lose sight of this.

As Devil’s Den Bullies grew with popularity and respect, we have brought in new members into our kennel that contributes ideas and knowledge into the Devils Den bully Family. We see this as a great asset to you, with many locations and team members throughout the world as well as the Untied States, You may be closer then you think to a Devil’s Den American Bully dog or puppy.

New York City, Texas , Pennsylvania and Canada

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Apollo Puppies “Fresh batch” 2500+
 Born 11/21 coming soon !!! crazy nice litter call when ready to send a deposit if you have your doubts, don’t trust us, need to feel warm and fuzzy inside or just need to much…
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Female SOLD off the Lincoln X MayFlower litter
SOLD !!! Top Quality Chocolate Girl open Lincoln X May 2500$ Born Sept 10.21
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RUDY X HOLLY Puppy open 11/26/21
One Male Available 11/26/21 on Rudy and Holly Born Oct.8. 21  Price is 2500$
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Ranger and Sisi PUPPIES
This is A Collaboration between Iron Den and Devils Den Kennels ” thank you Anthony Vargas ” IronDenKennels.com for choosing Devils Dens Ranger. This breeding will by far better the Merle Genetics of todays Merle…
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img 6204
Havoc and Chi Chi Puppies Born 10/21
Extreme Muscle American Bullies one female open 3000$
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Rudy Son SOLD
SOLD !!!!!! Rudy Son off the Rudy and Rhonda breeding this pup will make a great working dog or pet and DNA as 100% American pit Bull Terrier Guaranteed. .
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4 by 4
American Bully – Male – 4 by 4
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American Bully – Female – Banshee
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