Devil’s Den Dogs of the Past

Dog's that made an Historical Difference

This is where we honor the dogs of the past. These are dogs that have made Devil’s Den possible all these years. These are also the dog’s that Represent the original and true American Bully breed.  Most are either long gone some are still alive and just retired.

Lil Jaden
American Bully – Female – Lil Jaden Devil’s Den’s Lil’ Jaden More info to come…..
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American Bullies – Female – Cleo Devil’s Den’s Cleo More pics and info coming soon
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Cinnamon Bliss
American bully – Female – Cinnamon Bliss Devil’s Den’s Cinnamon Bliss Cinnamon is the Queen Bee she is responsible for most of the Muscle Genes in the line up. Cinnamon is Mother to Weight in Golds Apollo Weight in Golds and Medusa Devils Dens Tyson Devils Dens Red Betty Devils Dens Flotus
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Red Hook
American Bullies – Studs – Crakk’s Red Hook Crakk’s Red Hook – Of Devil’s Den Crakks RED HOOK of DevilsDenBullies A True muscle Dog beast more info and Pedigree coming soon…    
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American Bully – Female – Jaden Golden Bulls Jaden of Devil’s Den Most Devils Den dogs have one of 2 dogs or both in their pedigree one being Diego’s Samson and the other is Golden Bulls Jaden. Jaden was born in 2002 grand daughter of the great Juan Gotti. she was one the first 50/50 ... Read more
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Big Bell
American bully – Females – Big Bell Devilsden‘s big bell also known as J4  ( Jaden number 4 ) People say you’re not supposed to line breed females but We did and We had greater success each time making a bigger better and more muscular dog from Jaden to Little Jaden to Jaden the 3rd ... Read more
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American Bully – Studs – Samson Diego’s Samson Samson was grandson to the great Razors edge Cairo. Samson was Born in 2002. He had the original and true Razors edge look that made the bloodline famous in the early 2000s. One of the first dogs to be called a bully pit. Samson was highly sought ... Read more
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American Bullies – Female – Medusa Devil’s Den’s Medusa Sister to Apollo
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Big Diesel
American Bully – Stud – Big Diesel Devil’s Den’s Big Diesel Diesel is an ABKC show Champion and is currently going for his American Bully kennel club Grand Championship title as well. Devil’s Den’s Diesel is trained in advanced Obedience. He is socialized with kids , adults and trained dogs and is a highly trained ... Read more
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Dogs – Bitches – Violet Devil’s Den’s Violet More pics and info coming soon…. [FinalTilesGallery id=’23’]
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Cream Monster
American Bully – Studs – Cream Monster Cream Monster Limited Edition Merch Devil’s Den’s Cream Monster More info to COme…..
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Jaden The 3rd
American Bully – Female – Jaden The 3rd Devil’s Den’s  Jaden the 3rd Coming Soon….
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