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2 Years in the making…
For the last two years all my breedings were designed to get the muscle back in my yard that I had strong in the early 2000’s now my focus is on the perfect combo of…
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Cracks RedHook fully matured. He’s a dog amongst dogs.
His future plans will consist of making daughters that have his drive and temperament for Ranger and Apollo to have their way with 😂. Also, I’m not stupid. I know that because he’s on a…
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2020 Deposits and Payments
This year, 2020, all puppies we let go to the public goes as follows: if a deposit is left before pups are born, pup is just $2,500. After puppies are born, if anything is still…
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Not here 👉🏼Devilsden
How many American bullies out there would you say tie naturally ? Like what’s the percentage ? I say 80% of bullies.
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The Motha Fucken end 😂 …
They’re on their first date and Ranger doesn’t look like his pictures. He lied about his height too, so she’s all pissed.
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Buy out Equivalent
Buy out Equivalent equivalent equals sellout: meaning the breeding is done for Profit only which is OK but in that case you are a businessman not a dog man. A dog man would never sell…
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Sexual Harassment……
Don’t sexually harass me if you don’t have the money follow  and leave a comment bellow call me names and tell me how you really feel no one gets blocked and no nudes ever get reposted
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Gameness =
Gameness = when you give up your right to self-preservation
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Hate me all you want….
But there’s a reason why there’s never any small Dick energy coming from this page mother F 😂
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This one is for other breeders…
You do know it’s rude not to get back to  people  on social media right? I am always getting thank you’s for getting back to them like no other  like there is a shortage of…
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This puppy gives me the feeling ….
Like when you buy your girl a new pair of breasts implants because you want them to be bigger then the ones she came with but you paid so much for  them that  you only…
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Instagram Rules…..
Instagram rules are women are allowed to post up G string pics as long as they post up videos of them doing squats also. But I always say Why Ruin a perfect porn page with…
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A little bit of a Do-Over
On Jan 1st 2017 I started to take back devils den breeding program to what it was in the early 2000’s and even late 90’s. The look is better known today as the classic and…
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No supper breeder clams here
Don’t expect to catch us tootin our own horn saying things like welcome to the best bullies on earth blah  blah blah  if u need to be told that and don’t feel that while on…
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This sleeping beauty turned one year old the other day….
And you’ll see much more of Ranger in 2019. I know people ask to see more of my dogs online, but sometimes I’m busy living a normal life outside of social media. I know many…
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You have stumbled onto the page with the greatest dogs on earth. You can get a dog from us made by the best breeders with the most experience in the universe or you can be…
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