Cracks RedHook fully matured. He’s a dog amongst dogs.

His future plans will consist of making daughters that have his drive and temperament for Ranger and Apollo to have their way with 😂.

Also, I’m not stupid. I know that because he’s on a chain in the video there will be a bunch of 29-year-olds living in their mothers’ basements wearing Walmart flip-flops playing video games reporting my page over the video. To those people I say nothing. You can’t teach them anything. As for the others, I will say this: there is something called “a hard kept dog”- meaning a dog that is very hard to keep. Most people will never have the privilege of owning one, and that’s ok because a hard kept dog is definitely not for everyone. Even some so called dog men give up on a really hard to keep dog, and if you never owned one it’s hard to understand that there are dogs out there that never quit, get quiet, or even sleep for that matter. They climb over 6 foot fences, break out of every single crate you put them in, bark all day long at every single thing they see moving- from tires to running water and even a f’en butterfly. Those are the dogs I personally live for. While following all local laws, I will put one on a chain for short periods of time especially when bleaching dog kennels, and you want one with big links, so a highly active dog doesn’t get it wrapped around his legs. Unlike any type of tie out you can buy in Petsmart. Petsmart is not so smart after all , it caters to people that live in a bubble. When a hard kept dog is on a chain, it immediately lights up and immediately feels excited. It has the time of his life for that short period. Of course you can train a dog, break his spirit and make him comply with all your commands, but I don’t believe in doing that with every single dog, especially breeding stock. I want to let most of my breeding stock be who they are meant to be so I know for sure they have the true temperament I’m looking for and is worthy of reproduction.

You’re welcome.