This one is for other breeders…

You do know it’s rude not to get back to  people  on social media right? I am always getting thank you’s for getting back to them like no other  like there is a shortage of established breeders answering people If you want to build a brand and a following reach out to each and every … Read more

This puppy gives me the feeling ….

Like when you buy your girl a new pair of breasts implants because you want them to be bigger then the ones she came with but you paid so much for  them that  you only end up wanting to show them to ppl you really really like , you know that feeling.

Instagram Rules…..

Instagram rules are women are allowed to post up G string pics as long as they post up videos of them doing squats also. But I always say Why Ruin a perfect porn page with a bunch of work out videos

A little bit of a Do-Over

On Jan 1st 2017 I started to take back devils den breeding program to what it was in the early 2000’s and even late 90’s. The look is better known today as the classic and Xl classes of the American Bully Kennel Club. I felt in recent years before this due to lot’s of partner’s … Read more

No supper breeder clams here

Don’t expect to catch us tootin our own horn saying things like welcome to the best bullies on earth blah  blah blah  if u need to be told that and don’t feel that while on the breeders page pls don’t contract us I want to sell to dog men and families over breeders I actually … Read more

This sleeping beauty turned one year old the other day….

And you’ll see much more of Ranger in 2019. I know people ask to see more of my dogs online, but sometimes I’m busy living a normal life outside of social media. I know many people don’t know this, but it’s normal to spend time with your kids and pets without a camera 😂. Visitors … Read more


You have stumbled onto the page with the greatest dogs on earth. You can get a dog from us made by the best breeders with the most experience in the universe or you can be a Fukien idiot and get one from somebody else….. 😂 Really, if you want a puppy with the latest color … Read more

I know she’s on a Mill but….

I got this little trick I do where I post whatever the F I want because it’s my page🤣.. Educate yourself motorized treadmills bad dog powered treadmills good say it again motorized Tred Mill‘s bad dog powered Treadmill‘s good I know she’s on a Mill but I got this little trick I do where I … Read more

Dog Man

A dog man would never sell out nor ever put 2 dogs together with no intention of keeping one or more.