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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW W/ MIKE GALLO Mike Chats with Erik from BattleBredK9s about the origins of Devil’s Den and where it’s headed in the future, Trading a Skateboard for a Dog, (Blue Thunder). Mastiffs?, And More. Watch the Video on YouTube   BattleBredK9s on YouTube Check Out More Videos by BattleBredk9s.. BattleBredK9s on YouTube    

2 Years in the making…

For the last two years all my breedings were designed to get the muscle back in my yard that I had strong in the early 2000’s now my focus is on the perfect combo of structure still and temperament , completely throwing breeding for color out the window, if you thought I got angry last … Read more

Cracks RedHook fully matured. He’s a dog amongst dogs.

His future plans will consist of making daughters that have his drive and temperament for Ranger and Apollo to have their way with 😂. Also, I’m not stupid. I know that because he’s on a chain in the video there will be a bunch of 29-year-olds living in their mothers’ basements wearing Walmart flip-flops playing … Read more

2020 Deposits and Payments

This year, 2020, all puppies we let go to the public goes as follows: if a deposit is left before pups are born, pup is just $2,500. After puppies are born, if anything is still open, price is $3,500. This is for the year 2020 and not negotiable. This is way below market value for … Read more

Buy out Equivalent

Buy out Equivalent equivalent equals sellout: meaning the breeding is done for Profit only which is OK but in that case you are a businessman not a dog man. A dog man would never sell out nor put 2 dogs together With no intention of keeping one;  

Sexual Harassment……

Don’t sexually harass me if you don’t have the money follow  and leave a comment bellow call me names and tell me how you really feel no one gets blocked and no nudes ever get reposted