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Let me get right to the point Devils Den is one of the Original breeders that made the American Bully breed Famous. Not only were we in the room when the label “The American Bully” was first thought of for the breed name but we were also breeding these dogs long before. Don’t let anyone lie to you or tell you different. This Breed was never meant to be a bulldog breed if bull dogs are what your looking for your at the wrong place. Our dogs are the real American Bully, We also refer to our Dogs with the Following Nick names, The original American bully,  bully pits, pit bully, XL bully and XL pit bully. All our dogs are registered with the American Bully Kennel club as American Bullies and most fit into the Classic and XL class varieties

  We don’t breed for colors and we don’t pair dogs up to Cater to the latest trends. Everybody on our Devils Den team wants the same thing and that is The original bully style pit bull the first  American bully now known as the classic American Bully or the XL American Bully. The Devils Den breeding  program is designed to consistently produce high drive dogs with massive muscle structure who have the correct temperament for this breed. Our dogs are extremely people and kid friendly while still being animal dominant. For an example if there is a dog in our breed stock that goes after strangers for no reason that dog is cut out of our breeding program.  If there is a dog that shies away from other animals it also gets cut out of our breeding program. Of course any genetic defects  will disqualify a dog from reproduction as well.

Devils Den Kennels has a large network of friends and family. We breed and produce puppies for ourselves first. We keep Puppies off of every one of our breeding’s. Of course there will be more pups that will be available to the public. Generally on our breeding’s we only take two deposits for each sex Until they are born. Most of the time there is one set price for the whole litter. And Customers pick in the order they have sent the deposit in. Deposits are always 500$ and Nonrefundable. We expect you to stay committed to our dogs as we will stay committed to you.


Devils Den And partners will be doing the Following Breeding’s year

 2023 !!!

American Bully Breedings
Patches X Zoe
Ranger X Bella
Patches X Sassy
Ranger X Bandit
Ranger X Kiss n Fly
Patches X Ruby
Ranger X Lashes

Pit Bull Breedings

Flash X MayFlower breeding done 5/24/23
Lincoln X Duchess breeding done 5/23/23

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