American Bullies – Female – Trumpet Devil’s Den’s Trumpet Trumpet is another one of our many muscled up GRCH levroc daughters, 4 x old school devilsden blood. Trumpet has crazy wide shoulders for a female that can still move.

Apollo and Medina killed it,….

Let us know what you think thank you @devilsden_axle @devilsdenbullies .. Oh and Here’s an up dated  list of things that disqualify you from buying a Devilsden Puppy Number 1- If you have to talk it over with your girl and get back to us (Have her call us directly) If you have to ask your … Read more

If you want a real American Bully….

There simply are not too many places you can go anymore. I’m talking about if you want that real Bully that started development in the years 1999/2000/ 2001- that dog that inspires you…that dog that’s so confident it inspires you to have your own confidence in love and in life…the dog that brings people together…the … Read more

Before you call us think about it,..

Make sure you realize your time is just as Valuable as ours don’t waste it, make sure you googled all your general questions ahead of time make sure you talked about owning a dog with your spouse ahead of time make sure you can afford a dog of this caliber make sure you understand why … Read more

Buy-Outs and Sell-Outs

BUY OUT is equivalent of a sellout, meaning the breeding is done for profit only, in that case you are a businessman not a dog man.


American Bully – Studs – Ranger Devil’s Den’s Ranger  Ranger is at the forefront he is the poster boy for the new age and direction  of Devils Den Kennels. With a bloodline that consists of two very consistent strains which is the Weight In Gold kennels double bred Samson blood through Rangers dad Apollo and … Read more