Before you call us think about it,..

Make sure you realize your time is just as Valuable as ours don’t waste it, make sure you googled all your general questions ahead of time make sure you talked about owning a dog with your spouse ahead of time make sure you can afford a dog of this caliber make sure you understand why the expense is high Basically make sure you’ve done some homework don’t expect the breeder to be your educator on everything   I don’t get paid for that I am obligated to explain and answer questions about what I do with my own dogs and my history with them and my methods I use  but I am not obligated to answer general questions that could be better answered with a little research,  commonsense and effort on the potential buyers part (that’s you ) Google the breed history google the registry of the American bully go to Read the site in its entirety before you waist peoples time read the Breeders website in it’s entirety before you call them and waste their time

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