This puppy just became available. Now,

I know not everyone can spare the expense of a brand new pup because they have other priorities and whatnot. I can totally understand that and I get it, but, to the guys that say he’s too expensive…well  I just want to let you know that the other day I was sleeping with your mother and … Read more


You can be an alpha male and own an alpha dog from Or you can be one of those entitled lady boys With college debt living off their mothers credit waking up at 2 PM only to play puff puff pass with another lady boy Who had to give away his Chihuahua to the … Read more

Super Hero Breeders

No super breeder claims or hypes here so don’t expect us tootin our own horn to give you butterflies, saying things like “welcome to the best bullies on earth blah blah blah” if you need to hear that your in the wrong place, if you do shots with your pinky finger outward or take extra … Read more