Apollo and Medina killed it,….

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@devilsdenbullies ..

Oh and

Here’s an up dated  list of things that disqualify you from buying a Devilsden Puppy

Number 1-

If you have to talk it over with your girl and get back to us

(Have her call us directly)

If you have to ask your mother for the money or If you have to force your girl friend to work longer hours at the bar so you can pay for your puppy

(your not a pimp get a job)

If you live in North Korea

(can’t ship there)

If you ever waited on an over night line to buy sneakers but only bought one pair

(Waisted Opportunity)

If you ever played video games

(Waist of time Total Loser)

If you ever smoked weed or drank beer on a Monday while not on vacation ( Unproductive )

If you plan on naming your puppy after a character in the latest movie or newest rapper ( not creative enough to own one of our pups)

If you have a girl friend that’s scared of the pup and asks does he bite and a million other questions (She’s a whore)

If you think your going to become a breeder and use words like.. stud credit , buy out price, lock it in, game over

( your not passionate enough)

If you think you going to breed it while keeping it in the cage all day ( you lazy, insecure MF)

We will be adding to this list as we go thank you for your understanding 😂