American Bully – Studs – Samson

Diego’s Samson

Samson was grandson to the great Razors edge Cairo. Samson was Born in 2002. He had the original and true Razors edge look that made the bloodline famous in the early 2000s. One of the first dogs to be called a bully pit. Samson was highly sought after during his time and had a big part in the making of the American Bully breed. most of the studs in our Bully breeding program are double bred Samson.

Most of our American bully breeding program is modeled off of Diego Sampson. If you are new to this breed five years or less Then you may not know or realize that this breed the “American bully” was originally a very athletic dog. The American bully kennel club classic class style bully is the original American bully look the first American bully. You really have to ask somebody that has been in this breed for 15 years or more in order to know the truth. Now with the standard class, extreme class, and XL class we have moved very far from the original American bully. Devils den is one of the few breeders that are still creating the true classic American bully.

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