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There’s Lots of Breeders with great Dog’s but only a handful of breeders with lots of great dog’s.

Welcome to the Devils Den’s American Bully Breeding stock 2020 line up. Our Goal is to consistently produce Muscle mass and drive while sticking to the original look of the bully style Pit bull dogs from the late 90s and early 2000s. Now known as the ” classic American bully ” also commonly called the Bully pit, Pit bullies and xl bully. All of our bully breeding stock can be traced back into two main dogs, one being Razors Edge’s Cairo of the Razors edge bloodline and the other is  Notorious Juan Gotti of the original Gotti line bloodline.  Devils Den started this breeding program in 2001 from these two great dogs using direct and indirect offspring and we are still here going strong today.

Extreme American Bully Dogs & Puppies - Devils Den Bullies

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American Bullies – Female – Marylin

Just like Bruce Jenner once  said “ what looks like a male isn’t always a male “ And this girl was not made at the Den comes to us from a friend and we are…

Pit Bull – Female – Sassy

Sassy was made in our Canada Location she will be a great audition to our xl breeding program in the future. Sassy is From the last Striker and Chika breeding done in 2020 and still has lots of growing…

American Bullies – Female – Chayanne

Devil’s Den’s Chayanne

American Bully – Female – Chela

Devil’s Den’s Chela Chela is one of our favorite red Hook daughters she has all the bells and whistle‘s  high drive meats Beauty. made with best combination of Crakk Kennels blood and Old School Devils…

American Bullies – Studs – Tyson

Devil’s Den’s Tyson Devils Den’s Tyson is one of our premier upcoming studs. Tyson is an in-house production off of Devils Dens Ranger and Cinnamon of Weight In Golds Kennels. Tyson was produced with  precision…

American Bullies – Female – Kamala

Devil’s Den’s Kamala Devils Dens Kamala a very promising Ranger daughter

American Bullies – Female – Coconut

Devil’s Den’s Coconut More info to Come…

American Bullies – Female – Cleo

Devil’s Den’s Cleo More pics and info coming soon

American Bullies – Studs – Crakk’s Red Hook

Crakk’s Red Hook – Of Devil’s Den Crakks RED HOOK of DevilsDenBullies A True muscle Dog beast more info and Pedigree coming soon…    

American Bullies – Studs – Havoc

Devil’s Den’s Havoc WeightInGolds Havoc of DevilsDenBullies Havoc is at stud at Devils Den Bullies and was Made By Tony at weight in Gold Kennels, A True muscle Dog.

American Bullies – Female – Medusa

Devil’s Den’s Medusa Sister to Apollo

American Bullies – Studs – Kano

Devil’s Den’s Kano Devilsdens Kano xl bully off Striker and Chika.

American Bullies – Female – Red Betty

Devil’s Den’s Red Betty Devils dens Red Betty, littermate sister to Flotus, is a True Muscle dog with tremendous drive for a bully. Made in house She is off of Ch. Devils Den Diesel and …

American Bullies – Female – Raptor

Devil’s Den’s Raptor More pics and info coming soon

American Bullies – Female – FLOTUS

Devil’s Den’s FLOTUS Flotus, littermate sister to Devils dens Red  Betty and like betty is a true muscle bound female representing the next chapter for the Devils Den American Bullies  She is off of Ch.…

American Bullies – Female – Vanilla

Devil’s Den’s Vanilla Vanilla is an in-house production here at the Devils Den camp. Being grand Champion Levroc’s daughter She is the perfect combo of old devils den blood and the new DNA. Vanilla is…

American Bullies – Studs – Apollo

Devil’s Den’s Apollo Apollo comes to us By way of weight in Gold Kennels and with dogs like Weight in Golds Boss Hog and DevilsDens Samson in his pedigree how can you go wrong? In…

American Bullies – Female – Trumpet

Devil’s Den’s Trumpet Trumpet is another one of our many muscled up GRCH levroc daughters, 4 x old school devilsden blood. Trumpet has crazy wide shoulders for a female that can still move.

American Bully – Studs – Ranger

Devil’s Dem’s Ranger  Ranger is at the forefront he is the poster boy for the new age and direction  of Devils Den Kennels. With a bloodline that consists of two very consistent strains which is…


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