American Bullies – Studs – Apollo

Devil’s Den’s Apollo

Apollo comes to us By way of weight in Gold Kennels and with dogs like Weight in Golds Boss Hog and DevilsDens Samson in his pedigree how can you go wrong?

In 2017 We set out on a mission to fix a 15 year long mistake we had made letting Samson blood slip out of our breeding program.  While searching for old school Razors edge Samson blood we came to find out –Toni at Weight In Gold Kennels happens to have had at the time lots of double bred Samson offspring So originally we took a trip out there to check out Medusa Apollo’s sister once we seen Apollo we had to have both. I Thought it would be a lot harder to bring back the original Samson blood into Devils den but with Toni’s help made it a hell of a lot faster and easier. We are very thank full to Tony that in 2017 a Dogs man’s deal was made and we Acquired both Apollo and his sister medusa from weight in gold kennels putting Samson’s blood back in our yard with a vengeance


Apollo has one of a kind Correctness and Muscle on top of Muscle.