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Breeder's of American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers.


We are home to one of the longest standing breeding facilities for 2 breeds The American Bully and the American Pit Bull Terrier and we are still going strong. With several Locations, Devils Den Kennel’s brings you only the finest strains of American Bullies and American Pit Bulls Terriers. Our dogs are raised and made for us as family members first. We are breeders that breed for temperament, structure and working ability with extra Muscle mass. All our breeding stock are temperament tested then trained in Obedience, show training and some do dog sports like weight pulling, Wall Climb and Lure Course. We hope y’all enjoy our web site in its entirety and follow us on our other social media.

Top Breeders of American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers

With 30 years of experience Devil’s Den Kennels has American Bullies and American Pit bull Terriers available occasionally, contact us for your chance to own a puppy from one of America’s longest standing dog kennel’s. Devil’s den Kennels is one of the breeders that started the American Bully using the earlier dogs of the Razors Edge Bloodline . All devils den American bullies are true representatives of the American Bully breed founded in 2004. All Devil’s den American bully dog’s are registered with the A.B.K.C  American Bully Kennel Club. Devils Den is also breeders of the American pit bull terrier. All our Pit Bull terriers have 100% Pit Bull DNA  Our pit Bull Bloodline is Old Family Red Nose with a splash of MayDay. We Like to call it the ” New Family red Nose Pit bull ‘ all Our APBT are registered with the American Dog Breeders Association A.D.B.A.  Our pit Bulls And Our Bullies are never cross bred to one another

Devil's Den kennel's

Devil’s Den Dogs, Devil’s Den Bullies or Devil’s Den Pit Bulls whatever you choose to call us , Has been Breeding Supreme Quality Dogs Since The 1980’s. With multiple locations in the United States and Canada, Devil’s Den Ships it’s Puppies Worldwide. Our quality and Friends around the world speak for Us.

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We Breed the Classic American Bully and the Pit Bull terrier

Devils den kennels / breeders was founded in 1989 and was originally called Iron den kennels then in 2002 we built our first web site and went online under the name devils den Pit bulls. In 2006 we started using both names devils den bullies as well as devils den pit bulls The first Devils den website was so successful it help propel the dog game onto a higher level. started in Brooklyn , Staten Island New York City , and now also located in Poconos Pennsylvania , Texas and Arizona. Devils Den bully dogs have been sold

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