"Devils Den- The Most Recognized Name
in the American Bully Game"



Welcome to Devils Den

 Devil’s Den Bullies / Pit Bulls has been breeding, raising, and kenneling dogs since 1989 and have been online since 2002.  It began under the name Iron Den Kennels. It all started back in 1986 with Mike Gallo, a 14-year-old kid from Brooklyn, New York, who traded his skateboard for his first blue-blooded American Pit Bull Terrier named Blue Thunder.  Upon bringing him home, Mike heard “Get that devil’s dog outta here!”   These were the first words out of his mother’s mouth. Years later, while working at a local gym, The Iron Den, and having been inspired by his mother’s criticism, Devil’s Den Pit Bulls/ Devil’s Den Bullies were born.



Over the years, Devil’s Den Bullies has grown to become a world famous kennel. Our dogs are sold all over the world from New York City to Hong Kong.  Devil’s Den prides itself with raising the highest quality American Bullies/ Pit Bulls, having over 24 years of experience. The dogs of Devil’s Den are not just kennel dogs.  They are raised as part of the family.  Their names live on as legends in the dog world. The foundation of Devil’s Den’s bloodline is Razors Edge.  Most of the dogs you see today at dog shows can be traced back to Devil’s Den blood.  Devil’s Den Bullies believes that properly using the Razors Edge bloodline will consistently produce the ultimate American Bully / Pit Bull. Any puppy from Devils Den is considered to be of the highest quality of the RazorsEdge bloodline. Devil’s Den Bullies was there for the birth of the “American Bully” in 2002-2003.  We are one of the few kennels left that have been breeding these dogs before they were to bear the name AMERICAN BULLIES.  Devil’s Den helped make the American Bully what it is today, and has become one of the top American Bully breeders in the world for over eleven years now.
Devil’s Den has continued to breed our dogs in the manner of which the American Bully was started and is meant to be. We will never lose sight of this. Devils Den’s breeders are those who stay true to its roots. We believe that our breeding stock is truly a representative of the American Bully breed.  Are there “bullier” dogs out there?  Sure.  But our dogs are not sloppy or unhealthy. Devils Den dogs are ABKC Extreme Class, and we stick to that standard with every one of our breedings. Devil’s Den is proud of its reputation.  As it has grown with popularity and respect, our locations have grown as well.  Devil’s Den has expanded from the original New York City yard and has added new yards to help raise our breeding stock.. All Devil’s Den yards started with Original Devil’s Den breedings and hold the same high standard. Devil’s Den has locations in New York City, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. Devil's Den Bullies have made the name world famous by doing fair business and simply by consistently producing some of the best, sound American Bullies in the game.  Devils Den Bullies are known and have been sold all over the world.  Customers vary from average people to famous people.There is no ONE dog that has made us who we are.  It is ALL of our dogs that make us who we are. The people behind DevilsDen are,
Chris Torno, Mike Gallo, Daniel Amarillo, Scott Allen,  Butch Tartamella, Vince Detta, Anthony Live, Dean Bosnia, Dave Pais,  Adam Addrock, Vinny Angelone, John Marotti
and Eric Trouble Jones.

As firm believers in responsible dog ownership, this kennel, its clients and friends do not raise or sell dogs for fighting or any other illegal purpose.

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To the Haters and Fair Weather Friends:

So a man walks into a bar with a monkey,

I forgot the rest of the joke but your mom’s a whore!!!


I believe the love that I have for my children as well as the sorrow I hold for loved ones whom I have lost is the source of my willpower and my strength.  It has also lead me down a path that at one time I could not see.  My life has had many ups and downs.  I have done things that could have cost me my freedom or my life itself.  I have been to the bottom and back to the top several times throughout my life, and now I have the ability to rise back from those setbacks with ease.  I have proven that I stand up for what I believe in and I protect those who found their way into my heart.  I succeed more for the people who love and worry about me then just for myself alone.  I have come to realize that you can lose everything and still feel successful, and you can gain everything and still feel like a failure. I have found that if you stay true to the will that drives you, stay true to yourself and to the people you love, you always will truly be successful.  Mike Gallo


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